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. >> reporter: long before kevin mengel had a cell phone or a facebook page, he was a high school guy in suburban philadelphia with a cute little sister to worry about. >> kevin was the stereotypical older brother. he would follow me around and tell all his friends were not allowed to talk to me. >> reporter: was he being protective? >> very protective. >> reporter: for as long as michelle can remember kevin mengel was a family man, a big brother who felt he needed to look after his younger siblings after their parents divorced. >> kevin had a terrible time with it. and just always told us that he would never get a divorce, he would never get a divorce. >> reporter: instead kevin grew up in search of perfect romance. >> kevin always had girlfriends. >> reporter: but he was always sort of a monogamous guy, when he was with a girlfriend, he was with a girl? >> yes. and kevin was very committed to making sure that he stayed in a relationship, and he gave it his all. >> reporter: kevin was 20 when he met the one, his forever girl. morgan, from a few towns away, where she graduated from an
turmoil. her mother, carol, was grateful to kevin mofor making her daughr happy. >> kevin was really interested in helping her get through some of these hard times she was having. and he seemed to be a really caring person. >> he even brought nona into his family. his mom and dad treated her as one of their own. >> she was not a girlfriend or whatever. she was our family. >> but it was time for kevin to go off to college. he and nona stayed in touch and in love through a wireless world of late night texts and chats. when he didn't respond promptly, wag her finger at him. >> and she would send me text messages that said are you still alive. sarcastically. trying to get my attention. >> which is why he was so taken aback that day a little more than a week before christmas in 2005. it was december 15th, nona uncharacteristically hasn't reached out to him or answered him since morning. at one point, he turned her old taunt on her texting, you alive? even then, she didn't respond >>> this was not like nona. >> four and a half years we had made a pattern. and that's what we did every day.
'm sorry about your father. it must be tough. i know how i'd feel if my father died. kevin, it's normal to be angry. i'm not angry. look, it's o.k. i would be too. so... what are you going to do? do? with your life? dn't you want to study computer science or something like that? yeah, but... now, i don't know... the airport's really busy tonight. yeah, its. well, so far i really love my first semester at college. i mean, it's so different from high school. it's like the professors and students are really into it and the courses are great. how come you didn't write to me? i meant to... but with all my homework and everything i've been in a real work mode. you couldn't write one lousy letter. ( sighs ) you're right. i guess i've been all wrapped up in school. the required courses are a pain but the electives are great... like gothic lit. we're reading stephen king, anne rice, edgar allan poe. yeah, but how long does it take to write a letter? well... you know i'm seeing other guys, right? yeah. i'm just not ready to get serious with anyone. sure. i knew you'd understand. listen... i bette
>> anunciador: la siguiente es una presentacion pagada para dinero gratis de kevin trudeau. hoy, en investigando con misha dibono... >> ¿esta cansado de vivir con deudas, el dinero lo tiene preocupado, esta estresado por pagar sus cuentas? ¿esta abrumado por encontrar la manera de cubrir todos sus gastos? muchos dicen que es debido a que el gobierno nos cobra impuestos en mas cosas que nunca antes. y las corporaciones multinacionales han obtenido las ganancias mas grandes de la historia a costillas de la gente comun. ahora un controversial nuevo libro titulado dinero gratis que "ellos" no quieren que usted sepa; alega que hay billones de dolares gratis esperando a ser reclamados por decenas de millones de personas. pero, ¿sera todo un gran fraude? soy misha dibono, y el dia de hoy estaremos investigando dinero gratis. >> no quieren que venda este libro. >> anunciador: hoy, investigamos el libro mas vendido en el que se hace la increible promesa de dinero gratis. >> tratan de vetar este libro porque expongo estos programas. >> obtuve un total de dos millones de dolares. >> anuncia
. >> there goes carl on the outside. and kevin harvick in that 29. that's his teammate he's chasing. >> mcmurray is caught up way up the hill. coming to turn three looking for the white flag. on the outside, harvick with the lead. burton. bowyer. into turn one for the final time. logano. and carl edwards, montoya, sixth. one car high, kyle busch no problem. >> turn three. they are everywhere. >> err and harvick has the field in his mirror. the closer, kevin harvick, wins richmond. >> nice job, young man. good job. >> woo-hoo! way to go, boys! >> finally we got it right! good job, guys. >> there's a mess going on back here. >> tony stewart getting up and against kurt busch. >> a lot of emotion ear. a lot of temper. a lot of emotion. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of aggressive. >> typical richmond. >> typical short track racing. they start with their tempers and fenders intact. and one man gets to burn down the house. >> it's not over just yet. >> look. >> been rubbing all night long. a little rubbing after the race. they're not hurting anything. >> tony stewart restarted up in the top five unoffici
school that accepted me. what about kevin? what about us? kevin's almost 18. he can take care of himself. and with a little help from him you'll be fine, too. this is my big chance. so, what do you want from me? i... ( sighs ) nothing. just your approval. you want my approval? no way. what? n-o. no way. that's it? end of conversation? what do you want me to say, that i'm thrilled? i gave you my opinion, but you don't care. but dad, this is something i really want to do. there's a lot i want to do, too. but you don't always get what you want in this world. rebecca: but i'm not going forever. i'll call. i'll visit. visit? who's going to pay for that? i will. and where are you going to live out there? rebecca, do you know how expensive it is to live on your own? yes, i do. i have a place to stay. i dot understand. rent free. where? at nancy shaw's. that woman! were's my cane? i know you don't like nancy but she is my godmother. does your brother know about this? not yet. i'm going to bed. that school in san francisco accepted you? yeah. gave me financial aid, too. so what are you going to d
, hopeful inventors need millions of dollars. that and a meeting with kevin rose. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> you're very greedy and you're way overvalued. >> and "american idol." >> are you all laughing at me? >> reporter: a reality that's even more exciting. no sing and dancing here. just a guy in tennis shoes, plucking companies out of obscurity and handing them millions. this is kevin rose and you've never met anyone with a job like his. what do you do for a living? what is your job? >> investment start-ups. find the next big thing. meet with sberp neuentrepreneur out. >> reporter: hang out at a hip coffee place. then do push-up with an ipad fitness program at a tech start-up. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: then a trendy tea house. glances at that ever present iphone. >> so sometimes i'm leaning in, offering a lot of product advice. other companies, it's about making connections. >> at 36, he's already made millions founding companies like dig, a sort of crowd source news site. and backing early on the likes of twitter and facebook. today, he's a partner at google ventures
adversity to make the final four. guard kevin ware went down with a horrific leg injury in the first half of today's game. he suffered a severe fracture of the lower right leg. we're not showing you the injury because it's simply too graphic and really too painful to watch, but you can tell by the reaction of the players and the fans that it was a very disturbing thing to see. contributor terrance moore compared the scene to an injury most football fans will remember. >> i was there when joe theismann broke his leg with the famous lawrence taylor thing and just like this injury here, when i was at rfk stadium back then, you could actually hear the break with all the crowd noise and that sort of thing. i can't watch this stuff anymore. >> oh, man, let's get more now on kevin ware's injury. cnn's medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is on the phone but we'll start with kenny klein, he is the senior associate athletic director for the university of louisville. thank you for joining us tonight. mr. klein, how is kevin doing? >> kevin's still currently in the methodist hospital here i
.com. ♪ >>> it was a moment that stunned everyone. it has been only three days since basketball star kevin ware's leg snapped while the country was watching march madness. this hour we're going to hear from him for the first time since that horrific injury. >>> plus, kicking, shoving and yelling ugly slurs at his basketball players all caught on tape? the outrage. at first the coach was only suspended for three days. >>> and beer, drugs and loaded guns inside a new orleans jail. well, now there's a battle to clean things up. but it is going to cost some money. and this just in, it is official. jay leno officially out of the "tonight show" after 22 years. his run there at nbc, well, now starting spring 2014 his replacement, jimmy fallon taking the reigns. we'll have more on this in just a couple of minutes. >>> this is "cnn newsroom" and i'm suzanne malveaux. the basketball player who broke his leg in the middle of a game about to give a news conference. kevin ware broke his leg so severely that the bone pushed through his skin. happened during his team's nationally televised game at duke happened on sunday.
.org. >>> the news begins anew on "studio b." kevin warily live with us on "studio b." we'll talk to him about his leg your heard around the world, how he still plans to travel with the cardinals to atlanta for the final four and gives advice to other kids. the deadly shootings in texas have impacted the country. or i should say the state. one assistant u.s. attorney has bowed out of a case against the white supremacist group that may have links to the killings. where were the guards? we'll explain the video that appears to show inmates downing beers and drugs inside a jail cell. one guy even showed off his loaded gun. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >>> first at 3:00 in new york city, the deadly shooting targets or targeting law men in texas led one attorney to withdrawal from a major case against a white supremacist group. jay heilemann was to represent members of the crime ring but a defense attorney revealed. >> the assistant u.s. attorney originally assigned to the case sent an email to council saying he was withdrawing. i i understand why someone would
school here than the neighborhood house charter school, which was co founded by the headmaster, kevin andrews, 18 years ago. mr. andrews invited me into his house today. . >> kevin, on monday, everyone in boston and everyone from boston spent some period of time, hours, for some of us, tracking down everyone we know, making sure they were safe. what was that afternoon like for you? >> frankly, it was -- prior to the bombing, was a great at a day in boston. my wife and our god child had gone to the marathon at heartbreak hill. and we said, what a great day it is. and, you know, we went back home and, you know, had lunch. late lunch. and everything was great. and then on tv we hear about these bombings. and never could really -- explosions, they called them. so at first you kind of think, gas company. oh, here we go again. another mistake. but it wasn't the gas company. and then emotions kicked in pretty heavy. and i started praying right away. with my wife. and just said, you know, we hope everybody is wrong. but at that time we had heard that martin had lost his life. and that was har
the time. it will take many years to find them all. >>> just how we vowed not to show you kevin ware's injury from the louisville/duke game on sunday, he said he hasn't seen the video of his own broken leg just so he can concentrate on getting better. >> with me having to rehab to get this leg back to where i need it to be, i can't see that. because it will only mess with my mind mentally. so i'm going to stay as far as away from that video as possible. >> we understand that. kevin ware speaking for the first time today since the accident. >>> when we come back here tonight, we'll remember a time 40 years ago when you had to do all your talking on the phone before you left the house. >>> tonight as we speak there are an estimated 5 billion cell phones in the world. 40 years ago tonight there was only one. looking back, how did we ever stay in touch? how did we ever manage? somehow we did while managing to win world war ii and go to the moon in our spare time. but the cell phone and the smartphone are here and it's time to reflect back on their birth. our report on today's anniversary
kansas. that game is 6:09 p.m. kevin ware will be on hand to watch the team in person. the battle of the four seeds. michigan with top ranked offense against syracuse. it should be an entertaining game as long as syracuse wins. >>> the red sox looking to make it three straight against the yanks. new york leading 2-0. this is center field. he doesn't have power. gardner, it's short. he makes it just over the wall. it's gone. solo homer makes it 3-0, yanks. top of the five. what would we do without andy pet it? he does it again. he puts david ross away. one run over eight innings. here it comes. we have been waiting for it for a long time, the sandman. rivera making an appearance. he gives up a walk, a double and rbi ground out. that's how it should end for him. strikes out for the final out. he gets the save. the yankees avoid a season opening sweep, beating the red sox, 4-2. moving to the capital, nationals hosting the marlins. jason weathrth. p-1 there. the nationals win, 6-1 leading a season opening three-game sweep of miami. if you want to jump on a bandwag bandwagon, think abo
fouhy for yahoo news, and kevin cirilli. you can tell i'm in a fun mood. we want to give you an update. everyone knows that the younger brother was caught on friday after a shootout. i was watching all of joe's tweets on it. that's how i found out about it, literally. but let's watch that on abc. >> the bomb suspects now facing the death penalty. among those who lost their lives, 29-year-old crystal campbell the first of the victims to be laid to rest. the search for an explanation as the fbi questions 19-year-old suspect hospitalized, wounded in the neck but writing some answers. >> cenk: oh so now guys there are would aspects to this. first, the white house and government over all and the fbi used the public safety exception in the beginning to say that they did not have to read him his miranda rights. and then this morning a magistrate went to his hospital room finally read him his rights. and he will not be charged as an enemy combative but as someone in the system. joe, let me start with you. should she have--should they have used that in this case or should they have mirandaizeed
-- and he is calling for a full recount very >> -- full recount. kevin rayayfield -- faces -- a woman was sexually assaulted during one of those attacks. he is also charged with a home invasion during the same time. >> the search for a missing fairfax canada boy is expanding. the father says that in that investigators have found evidence that his ex-wife has the bbi. of she has emptied your bank accounts. inthe first place montgomery county to lower the voting age to 16. six of the seven council members have said they are in favor of that plan. it would apply to local elections only. >> it is tax day today and many companies are jumping on it very >> small businesses in the d.c. area are being audited. -- happy tax day to you, linda. if you are a small business owner in d.c., you should learn a little bit more. the associated press says that areonstruction companies confirmed to fetch the numbers. companies are looking to give you a break. if you have a sweet tooth, one company is -- if you want something more, emile, -- brating a do check the website for details. checking your 20 --
to kevin ware that >> it was the sort of injury we have seen many times in football. i just can't think of a similar instance on a basketball court, and it marred the midwest region final between duke and louisville. due to the graphic nature we decided not to show the actual play. it happened in the first half. there was three-pointer from the wing. kevin ware attempted to block the shot. upon landing his leg snapped. looked like a tibia fibula break. teammates distraught. rick pitino reduced to tears. happened right in front of the louisville bench. ware taken to a local hospital. then the game resumed. plumlee all alone but louisville with the lead at the half and dominated the final 20 minutes. russ smith, he had 23. siva fearless on the drive. cardinals with the lead. part of a 20-4 run. hancock extends the lead. teammates posing with ware's jersey and the moist region trophy. they're on to there fitting. the home of kevin ware. >> trey burke trying to lead michigan to its first final four since 1993. former nba stars glen robinson and tim hardway both have sons on the team. they s
are going to show you one picture of kevin ware of louisville. that's him today on crutches standing up post surgery. we're happy to say he's well on his way to recovery. his injury televised live may be the one thing millions of americans will remember about easter dinner 2013. it was a horror for him obviously. his teammates, the spectators, the viewing audience, you could hear people screaming in their homes across this country. his team was powered to a dominating victory over duke. kevin ware is expected home from the hospital tomorrow. we wish him the best. >>> now to baseball. this was opening day. after the astros opened the season in their new league last night in houston. today featured a rare double opener in new york. both the mets and yankees played. mets won, yankees lost. both played on a beautiful spring day. not so much in minnesota. among the coldest opening days on record. 35 degrees at game time. in all this was opening day for 12 mlb teams. all the teams started with a tribute to the victims of the newtown shooting. all the teams displayed a uniform patch for the occasio
off what they fear is coming. that's a devastating flood. nbc's kevin tibbles is with us from fargo tonight. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, it's become a rite of spring, albeit an unwelcome one, as folks in fargo are once again bracing for the red river to overflow its banks. they simply call it sandbag central. >> this is a part of life in fargo. >> reporter: here every spring hundreds of school kids and volunteers spend countless back-breaking hours. >> you have fun making the sandbags because you can talk to your friends. >> to help out the community is good. >> reporter: this contraption is the spider. it doubles and redoubles the number of sandbags that can be filled. this year's goal, one million. they've got to work fast. while winter has stuck around, a lot of snow and ice has to melt. fargo fully expects to endure another year of high water on the red river. many worry it could rival 2009's record of almost 41 feet that cost the city some $50 million in damages. >> the water is coming faster, higher and obviously more frequent now we have had including this year f
that pained us all. i'm jake tapper, and this is "the lead." the sports lead. louisville sophomore kevin ware suffers one of the most gruesome sports injury in recent memory live on national tv. joe theismann joins us with memories of his own career ending injury and his advice for kevin. the world lead. from the u.s. to japan with love. a member of american royalty gets primed for a post that is sure to please our ally to the east, but could it also signal the rebirth of a political dynasty? plus, our national lead. does someone have a hit list of law enforcement officials. officials in texas on alert after a d.a. and his wife are found dead two months after his deputy is murdered. we'll have the latest from a former fbi official. we begin with the sports lead and the moment when millions of people sitting if front of their tv sets let out an audible gasp. we're blurring out the graphic injury, but you don't have to see the leg snap or the bone break through. take a look at the players on the louisville bench. their reaction says it all. louisville sophomore kevin ware's injury during yester
this evening with mike barnicle of msnbc's morning joe kevin cullen of "boston globe" and john miller of cbs. >> if they think they will get us they don't know much. we care in boston about politics, sports and revenge. the revenge is the laughter of our children. these guys don't knowwhat ty did. every cop i talked to today, just hard looks and people are ready. and i have no doubt they'll identify who did this. boston is a tough town. it's the kind of town where people take two punches to land one. that was just one punch at us and we'll hit back. >> jon: re conclude with gregory doran the artistic director of royal shakespeare company of julius caesar. >> it speaks in the last 50 years in african since the country has began to gain their independence. looking at how many times rulers have come to power on a wave of popularity. they've been overthrown in a military coupe and plunged the country into civil war. that's the plot of julius caesar. we were doing a bit of work on the play, a year before we rehearsed it first. and while were -- we were doing this work the arab spring was unfoule
. >>> happening now, march madness horror. >> that is a gruesome looking injury to kevin ware. >> louisville guard kevin ware and the stunning injury that shocked everyone, breaking his leg, a painful open fracture. >> it was a gruesome sight. nothing like i've witnessed before. >>> also texas on edge. >> we'll find you, we'll pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we'll bring you back. >> a district attorney and his wife brutally murdered in their home. the assistant d.a. killed two months ago. who is targeting the prosecutors? >>> plus firefight. cnn on the ground and on the front lines with u.s. special forces in afghanistan. >> we know there is a taliban strong hold from here. >> a cnn exclusive straight ahead. >>> and easter finale. >> i am coming soon. >> the history channel's series making history, the actor who plays jesus moved by the powerful story. >> i can tell you that at one point being on that cross, i had a flash of my entire life leading up to that moment. >> the stunning series that has all of america talking this morning. you're live in the cnn newsroom. >>> good morning.
! nutrition in charge! >> fox news alert. we're getting information that kev kevin ware, the louisville basketball player, will have a press conference, it's the first we've been hearing from him in a public setting since the gruesome injury that stopped the game louisville, and the man looked at the teammates and said, just win the game, win the game and inspired his teammates and many of us beyond with his strength and i compared it to a soldier, you know, who despite the injury, just wants the team to fight on. in any event, we will hear from him live we're told in a couple of minutes and love to hear from him, wouldn't you? how is he doing? what was going through his mind at that moment? how did he manage through the pain to focus on victory, and what does he think a couple of days after the fact. we'll see him here live in moments, folks. >> see the whales. ooh, ooh. >> what are you doing? >> can you-- dory, no one knows what you're saying. >> see, he's going away. >> come back. >>. >> megyn: if you haven't seen "finding nemo" that seems like a really weird clip and you my want to
: joining me now from boston mike barnicle from morning joe, ate native bostonian, kevin cullen from the "boston globe" and here in new york john miller of cbs. i'm pleased to have them here. what is the latest, john? >> what is the latest? it's almost like starting over. yesterday was about saving lives, doing rescues and stabilizing that scene from all the reports of suspicious package. today was about locking the scene down waiting for the ert, evidence response team to come, f.b.i. team, and bomb tech in additions to do a painstake post blast investigation. we're seeing that unhold and learning more about the bomb. and the other thing was, there was an early possible suspect a, a person of interest, somebody near the scene that they thought was social suspicious. they've had 24 hours with this person. his story has checked out and he is looking more like a victim and witness than anybody involved. >> rose: what does victim mean? a victim of explosion or something else? >> primarily a victim of the explosion but if we're candid here the idea that he was a saudi national, that he w
, you watched as louisville cardinal sophomore guard kevin ware broke his leg in an awkward fall after a routine move. an injury so gruesome it left players in tears and more than a few people i spoke with feeling sick to their stomach. one of those gasp moments. people who saw it in realtime howled out involuntarily at their tvs. everybody in the stadium, according to reports, was completely effected. social media blew up, and immediately after, people wanted to know if ware's leg was going to be okay and if he was ever going to play basketball again, and they also wanted to know, i wanted to know right away, if he wasn't going to play basketball again because of the injury, is he going to be able to go back to louisville next year and is he going to have a scholarship? if he isn't going to have a scholarship, what is going to happen to him? even if he does have a scholarship, who is going to pay for his medical bills? and most profoundly and urgently again, why isn't he being paid for his labor? that succession of logic is not an accident. the term student athlete, as taylor branch p
, learning their bomb making from where else, but the internet. with us now from boston is kevin cullen, a columnist from "the boston globe." >> okay. all right. he's in the shot, he said. >> kevin, can you hear me? >> yep, i can hear you. >> great. i can't see you yet. i can now. thank you so much, kevin. >> okay. >> you've written, kevin, outstandingly about everything from the community in cambridge, to the absurd notion of tamerlan tsarnaev as a tough guy who was so hard he had to beat up his girlfriend. how is boston reacting to the revelation that these young men were awarrapparently not co-opt terrorists in chechnya but self-motivated to murder and maim people in your city? >> well, martin, i guess the best way to explain it is that in our town, the motivations of these two people is so far down the list of our priorities. i mean, we are burying our dead today, and we still have people in the hospital. and we have to take care of our first responders. there are so many people that were traumatized by what happened, you know, a week ago monday. that what's going on -- i don't mean
% across the board tax cuts. that's pro growth. has he lost his jack kevin per favor? >> no, when you get into the depth of poishlgs there is nobody better than paul ryan. he's done it in wisconsin and he's shown that he could bring people together. so in now having gone through that vice presidenttial experience i think he's very formidable. >> no question about it. all right, folks, appreciate it. now, the feds are coming after a big drug-maker, right, allegedly bribing doctors. do they have a case? we have the latest on the novartis charges ahead. >>> later on the show, obamacare is a train wreck for democrats. it's getting less expensive, less popular every day. premiums are going up, 2014 can be like 2010 with big democratic losses in the senate and the house, because of this obama care train wreck, we will talk about get don't forget, folks, free market capitalism is the beth path to trance parity. how about a market oriented healthcare system? think about i. i'm can you do lie, we'll be right back. . . . famers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? s
locked up the top seed but out west, looks like it's coming down to the final two weeks. kevin durant and the thunder hosting the spurs. san antonio coming in leading that race by a game and a half. kawhi leonard for okc, kevin durant buries it, thunder, 12 of 24 from downtown. still an eight-point game and russell westbrook, the pullup jumper, 27-7-7. thunder win, now trail the spurs by just a half game in that race for the top seed out west. >>> elsewhere in the western conference, mavericks visiting the nuggets. denver, 33-3 at home but this was a huge loss. danilo gallinari grabs his left knee and would leave the game. yahoo! sports reporting it is a torn acl. the nuggets confirmed he will have an mri later today. >>> final 10.8 seconds. kenneth faried misses. second also off the mark but former mav corey brewer with the offensive board and the nuggets have another chance. andre iguodala. traded for in the off-season for plays like this, gets it to go. that proves to be the game winner but looks like it will be a costly win for denver. nuggets currently the third seed out west. >>
: as the nation watched the events unfold over the last 24 hours, kevin corcoran watched, too. at boston medical center. the hospital was on lockdown for much of the day. but kevin's been here since monday, ever since his wife, celeste, and their 17-year-old daughter, sidney, were seriously injured at the marathon. their son tyler decided to stay home at the last minute. but the rest of the family was here at the finish line, waiting for celeste's sister, carmen acabo, to cross. >> i had been turning around to look at friends to my left and behind me about 10 or 15 feet. they were holding up signs. we'd say things to each other, do you see her or what have you. >> i couldn't wait to see if everyone was so crazy at mile 22 and mile 19 what's it going to be like when i run down boils-ton. >> it happened just as she neared mile 26. >> so when the bomb went off and it hit you, what was happening around you, what did you first notice? what went through your mind? >> i have a vivid memory of seeing my daughter and my friends being blown back, falling backwards, my daughter's arms outstretched like thi
k.c. and at some point someone on his staff recognized k.c. as kevin and said, well, yeah, this is someone who communicates with the senator somewhat. so at that point, they looked at his facebook at his social media a little bit more. agent grant spent some time initially on the stand friday basically in my opinion he was kind of laying the ground work for the prosecutor that a lot of people thought that kevin was coo-coo, or he went great lengths to tell us that a staff member based out of tupelo, the staff member said he's nuts. so it's almost as if they said, well, his initials are k.c., he frequently uses this quote on his social media, and he's nuts. so he must have done this. other than anything in his past, he has had a passion for different issues. but nothing in his past. multiple communications to multiple elected officials, none of which were violent or threatening or dangerous. so, you know, i don't know. i can't get in the mind of them at that time. i do want to mention something that kevin didn't mention on wednesday night when he was being interrogated. one
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley.>> tonight, a conversation with kevin bacon. fox drama " in the the following," where he plays a earned out agent to catch a killer. and hisormers of kevin coasters have been praised, but it also has been criticized for the level of violence. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: three years, kevin bacon told his agent not to pitch him for tv series. that is until he saw how much fun his gorgeous wife cure cedric was having on her -- was having onwick her tv show. you are coming back. that means you must be having fun. let's take a look at a clip from "the following." rex ryan harding. what can i do for you, joe?
report from the wall street journal. we'll explain that in a moment. louisville's kevin ware speaking for the first time since his accident on the court. we'll play the interview on the remarkable young man. let's get to the news live at 5:po a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. >>> president obama is looking for support outside of washington, d.c. yesterday, at a police academy, not far from the sight of last summer's shooting in colorado, the president focused on background checks saying his goal is not to take firearms away from their owners. >> the opponents of these common sense laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners that have nothing to do with what's being proposed or nothing to do with the facts but feeds into a suspicion about government. if there are folks out there right now who are gun owners hearing somebody is taking away your guns, get the facts. we are not proposing a gun registration system. we are proposing background checks for criminals. >> president obama used a similar argument in a plea to gun shop owners. >> if you are selling a gun, wouldn't you w
will be wearing around the court all night long. if you missed anything with kevin ware, we have your kevin ware match-up. >> my first instinct is i can't start leg. isneaker on, but my leg is like this. >> he kept chanting, just win the game. just win the game. we did it for him. >> i have pictures of them putting the trophy by my side and me sleeping with it. >> thank you for all the support. thank you so much. >> my injury or not, i still want to win a national championship. the president picked us to lose, but when i speak to him in the white house, i will for give him. >> and the number one thought going through kevin ware's head at the time of the break -- >> louisville, >> reporter: lieu izville the sentimental favorite and at night michigan taking on syracuse. jim boeheim, second most wins in college basketball history taking on john be line making his first appearance in final four. he says he thanks jim boeheim getting him in to coaching in the first place. >> he assisted me from getting to richmond and west virginia. i'm indebted to him but we won't be doing him any favors on saturday
a mississippi judge, signing those letters to become a silent partner i am kevin curtis and i approve this message. that suspect called kevin curtis has been arrested in his home in tupelo, mississippi. the authorities were led there as a result of the investigation. three letters positive for the potentially dangerous and deadly substance ricin. wicker, president obama and the judge's all postmarked april 8th from memphis, according to authorities. what they don't know is why he did. there's little information, little evidence on what his motive could have been, what we do know, it's had a huge impact here on capitol hill. other offices including senator richard shelby checked after reports of suspicious packages. both here on capitol hill and back in local districts. nothing else found. but there's a heightened concern here after boston and what happened there on monday. plus, a courthouse evacuation after a bomb threat there yesterday, not connected to this, according to authorities at least as far as they know right now. but mail headed to capitol hill, well, that's on hold this w
the assistant d.a. in the same county was killed. brand-new video of kevin ware, up and around, just one day after the horrendous injury on the basketball court. find out his prognosis and what louisville players are doing to honor him today. >>> and in the age of american idol and real housewives, who would think a show about the bible would create so much buzz, we're going to look at the history channel's surprise hit. this is cnn newsroom. >>> a texas community is now on edge. there's a massive man hunt that is underway, authorities are on high alert after a second prosecutor is killed within two months. kaufman county d.a.m mccullen and his wife cynthia were shoot to death in their homes, this is just two months after an assistant da was gunned down in broad daylight. after his colleague was killed outside the courthouse in january, mccullen vowed to put away the people responsible. here's what he said at the time. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching because we're very confident that we're going to find you, we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we'
hours, kevin corke ran watched, too. deafen has been here since monday since his wife and daughter were injured at the marathon. their son decided to stay home at the last minute. the rest of the family was here at the finish line waiting for celeste sister to cross. >> i had been turning around to look at friends to my left and behind me, ten, 15 feet. we were holding them, saying do you see her, what have you? >> i couldn't wait to see if everyone was so crazy at mile 22 and mile 19 what's it going to be like when i run down boyleston. >> it happened as she neared mile 26. >> so when the bomb went off and it hit you, what was happening around you, what did you first notice? what went through your mind? >> i have a vivid memory of seeing my daughter and my friends being blown back, falling backwards my daughter's arms outstretched like this and falling backwards. i think my wife took the brunt of the impact. when i turned back around she was no longer there and nobody was standing up anymore in front of me. so for a couple of seconds, i just looked left and right and then looked down a
looking at it young kevin ware and whether he will be out of the hospital for his teammate's final four matchup. that's next as fox reports live tonight from seaside heights, new jersey. shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected by one simple plan on the powerful network. record video. connect more. so you can do more. the share everything plan from verizon. add additional devices like the samsung galaxy camera for $5 monthly access. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> shepard: a really gruesome site yesterday at the men's ncaa basketball tournament after louisville player broke his leg and part of the bone broke right through the skin. cbs stopped showing the replays and we won't show it here. it's really too much. it happened on national television during the first half of the duke louisville elite 8 matchup. the cardinals
leg. it was kind of like this can't be real. >> shepard: kevin ware down on the sidelines in agony while his teammates crouched in horror. now, for the first time, we are hearing fromware himself. >> how are you feeling, kevin? >> good. thank you. >> shepard: about the moment it happened. >> honestly, i felt no pain. >> and his plan to travel from the final four to cheer on the cardinals. plus, jody arias admits she murdered her lover. she says it was in self-defense. but her parents say their daughter had some issues. >> jodi has mental problems. she would freak out all the times. tonight the police interviews with a killer's mom and dad. but first from fox this wednesday night. investigators in the state of texas have now arrested a man for making a terrorist threat against an official. that development as they try to figure out who is going around killing state prosecutors. and whether there is a connection, a connection to a violent white supremacist prison gang known as the aryan brotherhood. over the weekend, the kaufman county, texas, district attorney and his wife turned up
of families have tuned in for march madness and watch in horror. but an injured kevin ware told his teammates to go on and win and they did. abc's josh elliott tells us what is happening tonight. >> reporter: it was one horrifying moment, one so graphic that we purposely blurred it -- that would change a game and one young man's future. >> that's a gruesome-looking injury to kevin ware. >> reporter: louisville sophomore guard kevin ware leaped towards a duke player with the ball. it was a routine play, something ware had done thousands of times before. but this time, as his 6'2", 175-pound frame landed on that right leg, it generated the equivalent of up to 2,500 pounds of force, snapping both his fibula and tibia -- the main weight-bearing bone in the leg, breaking so severely that it punctured his skin. the pain and shock on grisly display in front of his own team's bench, the severity of the injury made plain on the faces of his teammates, coaches and fans. >> i got everybody over after we covered up the injury and said listen to him. and he said it over ten times, "just win the game, i'll
on the -- thank you. so we have here, with me in the audience, myself, who will be giving the overview, kevin cohen from san francisco international airport, who will speak specifically to the port's portfolio, we have jay -- from the employees retirement system, craig ghetto from the retirement and craig to speak on this item as well. i will do the overview but i want to acknowledge that most of what i was going to present has already been summarized. next slide please. so what is libo. i think we clearly heard it is the london inter -- rate assumed by lending banks in london. that they could charge if they were to borrow funds from another bank. it is the most quoted rate. it is published under the auspices of the british bankers association, and it's been in place since 1998. it is an index representing the benchmark rate in the london money markets. it is the most widely used benchmark rate for -- interest rates in the world providing basis for establishing interest rates on financial products ranging from commercial loans to -- contracts. it is also considered the most critical benchmark
-free? we've got some answers ahead. the final four -- we all cringed when kevin ware went down on the court. i'm going to show you exactly what surgeons did to fix his leg. plus, one thing you can start today that will lower your kids' risk of futurer heart disease. >>> but first, on friday, a federal judge allowed the plan b pill. previously it was prescription only if you were under 17. plan b is called emergency contraception and the cdc says one in nine women age 15 to 44 have used it. to joining me to talk more about this is my friend and colleague elizabeth cohen. you've been following this story for some time. the news is interesting because the judge said there was no real reason that it shouldn't be sold over the counter. what are you hearing from your doctor sources? >> right. the judge called it capricious and i think doctors would agree. what he basically said was look, the fda is charged with deciding whether a drug is safe and effective, and if it's safe and effective for 17 and older, it's also safe and effective for 17 and younger. he said the medical data is clear. it works
-76 victory. >> guard kevin ware cheered them on from the sidelines. more highlights from espn coming up. >>> and coming up, the nation's number one airline. we have the results from a new survey. >>> and troubled retailer jcpenney going into its past as it looks towards its future. we're going to explain in your business news straight ahead. >>> and the feathered friend that seems to be ruling the roost at a college in florida. we'll be right back. >>> fighting slumping sales. jcpenney is looking to its past for a new ceo. it comes after current ceo ron johnson was fired yesterday after just 17 months. before taking the job, he was known for creating apple's popular retail stores. myron ullman now takes over, he served as ceo from 2004 to 2012. >> overall performance for the u.s. airline industry is at its best ever. that is according to the airline quality rating report. it used on time arrivals, denied boardings, mishandled bags and customer complaints to compile the ratings but complaints are up 2% from last year. now, overall virgin america ranks as the year's best performing airlin
. >>> the final four, we all cringed when kevin ware went down on the court. exactly what surgeons did to fix his leg. one thing you can do today to lower your kids' risk of heart disease. >>> a federal judge ruled the so-called morning after pill could be sold over the counter to everyone at any age. previously prescription only if you were under 17. planned b is called emergency cont contraception and one in nine women age 15 to 44 have used it. elizabeth cohen joins me. you have been following the story and the story is interesting because the judge said there is no real reason it should be sold over the counter. what are you hear aing from your doctor sources? >> what he basically said is, look, the fda is charged with deciding if it is safe and effective. if it is safe and effective for 17 and older, it is safe for 17 and younger. it works the same in a women's body. safe and effective no matter what age. therefore, it should be available over the counter to anyone at any age? >> still some require a prescription. >> if you're not going to require a prescription for 17 and older, why are you
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